Embroidery is frequently used as an analogy for the patterns in our lives. Yet for all of the richness that these references provide in our language, embroidery is not typically represented in a fine art setting. Works of embroidery are often relegated to the crafts – beautifying and enhancing items for daily use. The artistry is overlooked.

My journey in embroidery began as a child – embellishing household linens, weaving pot holders and creating gifts. Pieces that I labored over became utilitarian, joining the rest of my childhood masterpieces in the linen closet where they were used to extinction or saved for a special occasion. That childhood indignation has grown into a passion to transform a needle into a brush and thread into paints. My mission is to embrace embroidery as a fine art by demonstrating its innate beauty and ability to evoking emotion.

I’ve sat at the table with masters and believe the implanting of vision and techniques is as much a part of my art as the use of the tools in my hands. To achieve this vision, I am surrounding myself with a community of artists with whom I can share learning.

Artist … teacher
Synonyms and a life course for me.


Michele King, owner of At This Point Embroidery Studio, is a lifelong needleworker and has the stash of fabrics and threads to prove it. A native Texan and Longhorn, she has lived in Central Houston for the last 20 years with her husband and three children.

Michele’s training began in childhood in multiple modalities of needlework, including embroidery, quilting, knitting and crochet. Michele formally trained with The Royal School of Needlework, completing her Certificate in Technical Hand Embroidery in 2011. She is continuing her studies by pursuing a Diploma in Technical Hand Embroidery as well as pursuing certification in Japanese Embroidery. Her work has appeared in national and international publications as well as exhibits around the United States.

Known for her quirky and irreverent humor, Michele has dedicated her life to the art of needlework through designing, teaching and writing.

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